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Саня Кройтор

Date of Birth: 17.04.1971 – Kishinev, Moldova.

At the age of seven I started to study music school Kishinev, the trend of classical violin. After eight years of schooling, by 1986 I was accepted to college to study music, classical music trend, folklore and composition. During my studies I had not once classical music competitions in various cities in Moldova, I appeared on television and theater and bands I worked, I participated in the orchestra of Emil Kroitor (my father), accordionist is known in the former USSR. Also, during school I went several times with performances abroad, such as concerts in Finland, France, Bulgaria and Romania.

At the end of 1992 I immigrated to Israel. For several months I started working with his band of Miki Gavrielov. I worked with him for several years – concerts, recordings and television appearances. Since then I had on television programs such as Musical Tower of Shimon Parnas, minty, with me and Dan Shilon and Eli Yazpan and the like. I worked with the following artists: Noa, David Deor, Shlomi Shabat, Amir Ben Study, David Fisher, Rita, Sarit Hadad, Albina, and others. I participated in recordings worldwide and therefore published a large number of records. In addition, I participated in festivals such as kleizmer music in Poland, Estonia Yiddish, Jewish Music in Toronto, WOMAD in Australia and New – Zealand, England, Spain and others. At 2003 my first album came out (solo) – ALL IN ONE. The same year I organized a band and I went out with a solo project, I performed in many concerts in Israel and abroad and continues to work with. At 2007 my second album came out in South Korea and the title is HIGH VOLTAGE VIOLIN. In 2008 – my third album came out – RENEWAL. Today I am in the stages of recording my fourth album. I am a laureate of several competitions, including the Fichman competition and Man of the Year 2007 organized by Channel Israel Plus.

Currently I live and work in Israel.